About me



Ales Korosec

I believe you came into the world to achieve something great, something that is worthy of you.”

Started playing drums at the age of 14 as a self taught drummer, and after a few months started taking lessons from a professional drummer Marko Juvan (Big Band RTV Slovenia Orchestra). Worked with various bands since then, recorded several demo CDs, singles, albums, played at numerous concerts and festivals home and abroad.
Currently working with:

– Adria Animals,
– Extaza,
– Hangar 55,
– Sarcasm (follow us on BandcampFB, Instagram, Youtube).

Other facts:TLang
Attended the world renowned Croatian drum camp in Grožnjan in 2014.
Took guitar lessons at Metalrock Academy.
Passed the RSL exams in 2015.
Attended a three-day award winning drum camp by Thomas Lang in Austria also in 2015.
Started giving drum lessons early in 2016 and used the handbook DRUM S.O.S. as an education tool.
Launched a fundraising project Drum S.O.S. – NO to excuses, YES to ambition and dreams, which objective is to help public elementary school to set up drum facility for young drummers.
Became part of SEN (Sabian Education Network) and D`addario education collective in 2017.
Attended world famous London drum show the same year.
Been doing drum workshops and small clinics since 2016.

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